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Bike 18" Kent Starlite

Bike 18" Kent Starlite

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Help your little rider build confidence with the Kent 18 in. Starlite Bike. It has what she needs to get started: training wheels to help with balance, and a foot brake to help learn how to stop smoothly. After the training wheels come off, she can start using the hand brakes, which control both the front and rear wheels. Hand brakes require more manual dexterity, but they provide more precise braking control and can lead her to the next step in BMX biking: stunts! The front wheel has axle pegs so she can move her body weight up over the wheel and learn some tricks. The seat is adjustable, so she can keep riding as she gets taller. As a matter of fact, using the quick-release lever to adjust the seat is so easy, she'll be able to do it herself! And as a finishing touch, a colorful zippered bag attaches to the handlebar to carry everything she needs while she's out for a ride. Who says a BMX bike can't be pink?



  • Front Bag
  • Front Pegs
  • 4-Bolt Stem
  • Handlebar Pad
  • Training Wheels
  • Steel BMX Frame
  • Rear Coaster Brake
  • Steel 36 Spoke Rims
  • Front & Rear Hand Brake
  • Quick Release Seat Post Clamp
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