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Dinkets Cap (Dinkets Mountee Plus Cap with G-Ring) - Sport Handle Bottom - External Utility Mount

Dinkets Cap (Dinkets Mountee Plus Cap with G-Ring) - Sport Handle Bottom - External Utility Mount

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The Dinkets sport handle bottom - external utility mount is a specifically designed utility apparatus which attaches to the flat butt end of sport handles of many kinds – such as but not limited to the following: Rackets; i.e., tennis, badminton, and racquetball rackets. Paddles; i.e., pickleball, paddleball, and ping pong paddles. Bats; i.e., softball, baseball, cricket, stickball, and wiffle ball bats. Sticks; i.e., lacrosse, hockey, and billiard sticks. Curling brooms. Bikes and scooters; i.e., any kind of manually powered or motorized bike and scooter. Ski poles, fishing rods, and golf clubs, or any other flat sport handle bottom not listed here.

Once you have your Dinkets Cap with G-Ring, have fun Dinketizing (accessorize, individualize, customize, personalize) => Separately purchase or create/make your own sport equipment handle accessory and attach it to the Dinkets Mountee Plus Cap with G-Ring. Dinkets sport handle accessory attachments for the G-Ring are sold separately. Please see separate SKU’s within our Etsy website (Dinkets LLC) for Dinkets sport handle accessory attachments.

Dinkets sport handle accessory attachments are for fun and for personal freedom of expression. Allow Dinkets to enhance the fabulous social, physical, and mental components of sports. Make a positive statement about yourself, a family member, a friend, or a loved one, or co-worker. Make a positive social statement or a positive political statement. Dinkets can be used to initiate fun light-hearted and friendly trash talking. Fight a cause (i.e., physical or mental health improvement, save the earth) or for fund raising games/tournaments. Use and create/make Dinkets for positive promotional purposes (businesses, industry, individual, etc). Offer Dinkets as a gift for any occasion. Let your imagination help you with your desired expression and to do the creating. Dinketize your sport mojo by practicing and having fun playing your sport with Dinkets.

Please note; the Dinkets Mountee Plus Cap, small or medium size, will fit a numerous variety of sport handle bottoms that have a relatively flat butt end. The Cap may not fit all types of sport handle bottoms so know the size and shape of your sport handle bottom before purchasing. Each respective sport handle should have a relatively flat butt end for the Cap to fit properly. For example, many ski poles, not all, do not have a flat butt end on the handle. Many fishers or golfers may have a certain personal grip for different types of rods and clubs respectively that is not conducive for a Dinkets Cap with G-ring. Yet the Caps will fit many fishing rods and golf clubs.

In addition, we encourage all users to utilize all the wonderful Etsy shops ( to help with Dinketizing. Some helpful hints are as follows: for example, search keychains and wristband accessories and from there, working with the Etsy shops, use your imagination to perhaps re-purpose the softer/lighter components of keychains and/or wristbands into Dinkets (removing metal keychain & wristband components). Or create/make your own sport equipment handle accessory and attach it to the Mountee Plus Cap with G-Ring. For secure attachment of your chosen accessory, use the provided H-Clip which also attaches to the G-Ring.

Dinkets Mountee Plus Caps will fit a variety of sport handle shapes: square, round and rectangle. They will take on the shape of your sport handle and mold themselves around the handle.
Small size fits apx. .9” to 1.29” sport handles.
Medium size fits apx, 1.3” to 2.0” sport handles.

*Note: Always obtain permission from appropriate people, if needed, (i.e., Officials, teammates, parents, guardians, competitors, coaches, etc.) to apply Dinkets to your sport handle and safely use Dinkets when practicing your respective sport. For example, Dinkets may be permitted for practice in some sports, yet they may not be allowed for use in official games or match play.

Dinekts Mountee Plus Cap with G-Ring is Patent Pending and 'Dinkets' is (TM) pending.

(A portion of Dinkets LLC sales will be donated to various cancer prevention and cure initiatives, children’s hospitals, suicide prevention, and neurological disorder wellness).
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